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Label Ham

Traditionally made steamed ham. Prepared according to old-fashioned methods: hand-tied and traditionaily smoked. Ham from pigs born, raised and slaughtered in the Nord-Pas de Calais région of France. Régional expertise.

Label Ham

Organoleptic characteristics :

TEXTURE :homogenous.

TASTE : superior cooked ham characteristics.

COLOUR : slices pink in colour.

Omega 3 :

Hamïrom pigs raised on grains (wheat, barley, peas, soya) and linseed, naturally high in Oméga 3 essentiel tatty acids (660mg per 100g).

The AFSSA (the French food security authority) recommends an intake of Oméga 3 for ils bénéficiai effects for heaith (prévention of cardiovascular disease)

  • Houblon d'ascq

    Houblon d'ascq

    WEIGHT : 8,5 Kg

    DIMENSION : Original shape of ham

    TEMPERATURE : + 2°C à + 4°C

    PROCESSING : Fully cooked

    ARTICLE CODE : 7479 unsmoked / 7478 smoked 7480grilled

    PACKAGING : x 1

    BEST BEFORE : 30 days

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