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Jambon Meplon

A family affair since three generations.

Located in Villeneuve d'Ascq, in the Lille metropolitan area, the company was founded in 1977 by Gerard Méplon . Since 1998 , it keep going to grow under the leadership of his son Hervé . It opens in 2006, a second site on Maubeuge, led by his son Jeremy , came to join the company in 2008

A recognized expertise

Jambon Meplon

Recognized by the association of "Salters Masters ', it is among the best specialists in the manufacture superior ham and exerts its expertise with traditional recipes including "Pavé d'Ascq" is delicious expression.

But also in a wide range of hams : Ham on the bone, roasted, stringed, grilled, blackened , herbs, mustard, pepper , etc... as well as recipes prepared to "how" to measure, at the customers request. The company currently generates a turnover of €4.5M for a volume of 1000 tons annually for a customer : Hyper, Super, Wholesalers, semi-wholesalers, but also traditional retailers.

A close quality control

Jambon Meplon

As part of the standards, to respond to the legitimate expectations of its customers , both in terms of food security as taste, the company has implemented a rigorous control system.

It integrates a demanding selection of meats , according to specifications drawn up in partnership with its suppliers (all deliveries are carefully controlled). But also complete transparency in the enhanced internal traceability cut products and prepared exclusively in France.

Jambon Meplon

Qualitative and responsive service

Structure on a human scale, the Méplon company remains flexible and responsive company in the service of its customers, whether Hyper, Super, Wholesaler or traditional trader.

The company distributes its products throughout France and several European countries in a very short time.

Jambon Meplon Jambon Meplon Jambon Meplon Jambon Meplon Jambon Meplon Jambon Meplon
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